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BRUX Makes It A Crushing Hat-Trick With ‘In My Dreams’


Since July, BRUX has been dishing out progressively darker and more technical techno. Following two stirring singles, the producer is lashing out again on the foreboding In My Dreams.

The third in a line of highly proficient singles from the skilled and completely mysterious BRUX, In My Dreams peels back the curtain just ever so slightly into the Sydney-based producer’s sonic creation. On I’m Back—the music maker’s debut outing—she was coated in mystic energy and dire sense of dread. Her vocals were purposely pitched down to unrecognisable keys that alluded to a sludgy and abrasive nature. The anonymity to the project was alluring, and paired with cutthroat production that seemed so infectious, we were entranced by the stark allure of BRUX.

On In My Dreams, BRUX doesn’t seem to be cloaking her vocals as much anymore. After three songs, is BRUX loosening her fear of the public? Or is just electronic trickery, luring us into a false sense of security. Whatever the case, her results are just as scattered and electrifying. Built with club sensibilities in tact, the producer, instead, rejects any kind of sonic formalities thanks to her unique instrumental style and progression. Her music is just as confronting and ominous, though now a clearer picture is being painted.

BRUX recently performed a two-week residency representing Australia out of another 61 artists at the 20th Anniversary of Red Bull Music Academy. She performed live from Berlin’s Paloma Bar for a recorded set onRed Bull Radio’s On The Floor program.

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Stream In My Dreams below.

Written by Jake Wilton