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Daggy Man Is Back With The Emotionally Wrought ‘Preach to the Hurting’

One of AAA Backstage’s most adored signer-songwriter stalwarts, Daggy Man, is back with a succinct heart-tugger, Preach to the Hurting.

Still riding high from his debut album release earlier this year, ‘A Lazy Kind Of Pain’, Daggy Man, better known as Thomas Calder to his mates, Preach to the Hurting is just as delicately harmful and punching as what’s heard of his record. Using his voice and guitar as the catalyst to his emotional wrought power, Calder enforces a comforting sense of fright. This new single could have easily found a place on ‘A Lazy Kind Of Pain’, but the decision to release as a stand alone single was a clever move.

Back in June, AAA Backstage detailed Daggy Man’s debut album as,

“Stripped back to an acoustic guitar, subtle keys and that oh-so-emotive voice Calder invites us inside his head and pushes us to the realisation that, in the end, we’re all feeling the same god damn things. A concept that he understands is both comforting and frightening.”

Before the year is out, Daggy Man will be joining international wonderkins, Big Thief, in Brisbane as first support. Scope the show details below along with the stunning stream of Preach to the Hurting.

Daggy Man Live Dates

The Foundry Brisbane w/ Big Thief

Written by Jake Wilton