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Dreaming Q & A: Sneeky Picnic

Sneeky Picnic

After a two year hiatus Brisbane’s Sneeky Picnic are finally back on the live music scene. Feeling fresh from some well deserved time in the studio, their unique brand of pop and hip hop will be taking over The Milk Factory as the part of the band’s official  ‘comeback’. We asked the four ladies what goes on in their heads once they hit the hay and how they approach their music.

What did you dream about last night?

Jess: I don’t think I had a dream last night?

Erin: I dreamt that I saved a koala and adopted it…

Steph: I was held hostage by a guy who owned a sushi company. I didn’t get any sushi…

Kat: I had a dream that I was trying to run away from something but it was like I couldn’t run properly. Like I was running on the moon, bouncing really slowly. I think I’ve have dreams like this before – it’s funny because I’m not very physically fit at the moment and it frustrates me that I can’t run fast in my own dreams.

What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

Jess: Meeting Beyoncé, and she hated me.

Erin: The strangest that I can remember was dreaming about getting lost within Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory and having to chew through so much gum to try and find a way out.

Steph: The sushi dream was pretty weird.

Kat: That one of the guys I was friends with in high school was trying to kill me and my friends. He would find us all the time and it was like a maze to get away from him. Bit weird because he’s a pretty normal person and we’re still really good friends. Hopefully that’s not the world trying to tell me something…

If you could ‘inception’ into anyone’s dreams who would it be?

Jess: My girlfriend’s mind because I wanna be the girl of her dreams (haha).

Erin: I would love to know what Katy Perry dreams about. I don’t know where she gets all of her quirky and whacky ideas from!

Steph: My dog, to see why he randomly kicks me in his sleep.

Kat: Probably Ryan Reynolds, he’s good looking and hilarious. I’m expecting a very Dead Pool-esque themed dream. Can’t go wrong. Hopefully I’ll have some sort of super power…

Who’s the strangest person you’ve ever dreamt about?

Jess: Lana Del Rey

Erin: Justin Bieber. We had a picnic once. It was so random, and I wasn’t a fan girl over him in my dream, it was so casual.

Steph: Donald Trump, well it was kind of a mix between him and the devil. He was setting fire to things…

Kat: I’ve had people feature in my dreams that I may have met for the first time that day. They don’t necessarily play large parts but they just appear in there as extras I guess. Clearly my brain must have thought they were interesting enough to feature them in my dreams.

What’s the scariest dream you’ve ever had?

Jess: The dream of me falling – the worst dream ever.

Erin: I can’t recall exactly what my scariest dream was, but the scariest dreams I have are the ones where no one can hear me screaming or I can’t run when I’m being chased by the baddies.

Steph: My dog was hurt and I couldn’t find a vet!

Kat: I actually had a dream the other night that was really horror movie like. I absolutely hate suspense/violent/horror movies and I have a phobia of zombies (from my brothers playing Resident Evil when I was little) so I have NO idea why I keep dreaming about this sh*t. She legit like put her head in a band saw and sawed out her eyes. I woke up and thought “that’s enough brain, you’re done here”.

Which is better, Eurythmics song Sweet Dreams or Beyonce song Sweet Dreams?

Erin: Hands down The Eurythmics. Beyoncé is definitely a queen, but the Eurythmics take the cake for this one. You just can’t beat the synth and that melody will always win!

Steph: “Sweet Dreams are made of Cheese, who am I do dissabrie?” The Eurythmics for sure because not only is the song awesome, you can match the lyrics with different types of cheese. I love cheese.

Kat: Definitely Eurythmics – so classic. I love me some Queen B but nothing will beat The Eurythmics. Like Erin said, it’s something in the synths!

Do you have any recurring dreams?

Erin: Yes! I always seem to have this one dream where my day will start off as it normally would and then BAM.. I get to work and I’m not actually wearing any clothes…I mean, how ridiculous is this!?

Steph: I often dream I can run really far without getting tried – never confused that with reality though, I’m super unfit.

Kat: Yeah, the running dream! The reason I’m running is usually different each time but it’s always that I can’t run away fast enough. Weird and annoying.

Have you ever confused your dreams with reality?

Erin: Definitely, sometimes my dreams feel so real I wake up and have to check that everyone is still okay.

Kat: Not yet haha. I don’t think my dreams are every that vivid. I’ve only confused them if I’ve dreamt I set my alarm and I didn’t and then I’m late for work. Because I have done that before

For the uninitiated how would you describe Sneeky Picnic’s sound and live shows?

Jess: Our sound is heavy pop melodies with a strong hip hop influence. The instrumental features driving bass lines, hard hitting drums and light keys on top. Our live shows are always filled with energy and party vibes.

Erin: An absolute blast, to put it simply! We are vibrant, punchy and we are very good live entertainment. Our songs are about letting go and having a good time, and that is how we perform on stage as well.

Steph: A mix of pop/rap and crazy, wild times!

Kat: Wild! We really go hard when we play live shows – I don’t remember ever walking off a stage after a show and not being ridiculously sweaty. There is always lots of dancing, yelling and handclapping – Jess sometimes jumps off the stage and raps in the crowd which is cool to watch.

What are three things people should know about Sneeky Picnic?

Erin: The majority of us are ginger, so no we are not the spice girls because four of us are already the one type of spice.

Jess: Sneeky Picnic was formed because of university assignment when we were all at Griffith.

Kat: I don’t know if this is something people should/want know about us (haha), but our vocalist Erin can do a really good impersonation of Julia Gillard, like scary good.

Lastly, why should people come check you out at The Milk Factory on the 21st of May?

Erin: Purely because it’s an opportunity to celebrate being free and alive. You are bound to have a great time at our shows. Hope to see you there!

Steph: Because there’s an awesome line up! Also cheap/free merchandise as our way of saying “sorry we were gone so long”.

Kat: It’s our first come back gig after being on hiatus for just under two years. We’ve been rehearsing hard in the studios and have put together a great set list of all our songs as well as a few well known mashups of some classics and Th’Fika and Until Home (both awesome bands) are supporting us – Saturday is going to be killer and I can’t wait to play!

Sneeky Picnic ‘Comeback’ Show

The Milk Factory, Brisbane

Written by Jess Martyn