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DVNA Gives The Chills On New Tune ‘Half Past Sober’

Young Gold Coast darling DVNA has returned with yet another sweet jam Half Past Sober. It’s been a massive year for DVNA after the release of her very successful tunes in Sushi In Tokyo, Looking Like A Snack and Girl On A Move which all have received massive love from tastemakers as well as over 3 million online streams collectively.

She recently signed on with uber massive booking agency Falcona, snagged a spot on the Laneway Festival lineup (festivals haha remember them?) and supported the likes of LEISURE, Alice Ivy, Kira Puru, Arno Faraji and Kilter.


Half Past Sober is a beautiful yet dark tune that speaks about the heartache and betrayal of a close friend, the tracks origins are cemented in a conversation with a friend two years ago.

“My friend’s told me about her relationship that was equally as passionate as it was toxic. A dysfunctional, heated, electric love affair that probably never should have happened, though glad it did. We’ve all been in situations where feelings aren’t reciprocated. You begin to feel weak, desperate and a slowly turn into a shell of your former self. Pricking your fingers on the staples barely holding the relationship together and learning to love the pain.” – DVNA

Fusing her soulful vocals with a more stripped back production, the song was originally just acoustic but DVNA felt it needed a little more. “I teamed up with my good friend Fractures in his cute little Melbourne studio to bring this song to life,” she says. The result is musically dynamic, soft and intimate in times of vulnerability and climactic/ chaotic towards the end when frustration and anger begin to take over.

We hear there is a accompanying video for this one due out soon and even talk of an EP. If this tune is anything to go by we cannot wait to hear more. x

Written by Chris Lamaro