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Enter The Warm And Fuzzy World Of Morisse Monty And His Delightful Single, ‘Nishida’

Enter the warm and fuzzy musical world of Belgian artist, Morisse Monty and his dynamic new single, Nishida. It follows on from his previous releases, Lightweight and Arcade Eyes.

Nishida is a smooth jam that carries a feel-good vibe with unique, forward-thinking production. Lo-fi drum flow with bright upbeat melodies in this one is sure to put a smile on your face. The track came to Morisse Monty when he was inspired by the story of a homeless man that looked on the bright side of life and was grateful for the little things in life.

“I saw a little documentary where they followed a homeless man. The way he went about his business and took joy out of the little things he could manage was really inspiring to me. Times are getting harder for young people too, life is getting so expensive and we all need to carve out a place to fit in this spinning wheel. We get so caught up in it that we lose sight of a lot of stuff that’s more essential to life. 
Nishida picks up litter, and sells it off for pennies. He then has just enough for a meal and some sake and spends his remaining time to read about astrology in the public library. Instead of being angry and bitter he’s thankful for the freedom and time he has. Something that’s reoccurring when talking to homeless people, they often say it’s a sense of freedom that’s hard to give up on.” – 
Morisse Monty

You’ll hear some great advanced style production on this one, it’s the kind of track that comes at you as though it was written with no rules. It was mostly written and recorded by Morisse in his home studio.

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“I wrote and produced the song in my home studio in Deurne, Antwerp ( Belgium ). My friend Martijn, who I often work with playing drums. Once i have drum recordings for a song everything falls into place. That’s the heartbeat of the song and a big part of the unique sonic texture i try to create for every song I make. I tried doing the bass myself like I would usually do, but I soon felt it needed a little bit of extra pop. I called in the help from my mate David Idrisov and he laid down these awesome groovy melodic basslines. The whole process around those two recording sessions is me getting in my zone, hermit style.”

Nishida is a beautiful and warm tune that is like a perfect winter sunset. It’s available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro