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EP Review: Tiarne ‘Bloom’

Tiarne is an artist all about progression. Her lullabies and sentimental songs weave emotion and passion through every guitar lick and vocal hook. Though technically correct in her tags as “easy listening” and “singer-songwriter,” these certainly do not give her the due credit. Tiarne’s debut EP, ‘Bloom’ is a collection of intricate pop songs that break barriers for both this young Brisbane musician and the genres in which she lies.

Instantly, from the EP’s striking introduction, you’re hit with a sense of closeness brought across from Tiarne—as if she’s strumming her guitar and quietly humming in the room next to you. There’s this immediate personal connection with Tiarne and the listener—something that’s held through the EP’s length.

Throwing Stones is the EP’s most hushed and delicate moment—arguably Tiarne’s best piece of work to date. It’s Tiarne down to her her most raw elements; her voice and her guitar. It’s an ambling piece of music that pays homage to her strongest asset—her voice—and doesn’t let go the entire way through. Lyrically, it tells a tale of moving away from a place once loved and cherished, but have grown apart from it upon maturity. She leaves the song on a teetering moment chiming, “There’s no point in me coming back.”

Introspection is a big focus on ‘Bloom’. In a recent interview with Tiarne, she dictated her outgoing childhood was quashed by a reserved period in her teenage years which become something to overcome once it came time to take her music more seriously.

I was the teenage girl singing quietly in her room and would avoid any sort of performance in front of my peers. I look back on those teen years and think, wow, I’m actually pursuing what I dreamed of and conquering all those insecurities,” detailed Tiarne.

There’s been a lot of discussion about music that’s crafted for the anxious mind. Though that typically falls into heavier categories, Tiarne, on the other hand, takes her lyrics and slow-burning honest music to different levels. She pulls the curtain back on the sporadic human mind and its fragility. On Young, for example, focuses on a parent or older role model in your life turning to substance abuse and either physically or mentally hurting those around them. It’s a testing track that plays to Tiarne’s darker moments, but an important moment on the EP that shows her diversity and adverse ability to tackle bigger issues like this in her music.

The EP’s closer, Kids, is a showcase to Tiarne’s sonic force. Still remaining at a low tempo, the track is a monument to her electro-pop flourish that made her rise to stardom on previous single, GoldenKids is a testament to Tiarne’s agnostic ability to shift and slide over a wide range of pop sensibilities.

To celebrate the release of the EP, Tiarne will be launching it at a very intimate headline performance at Black Bear Lodge with special guests Clawmachine and OPAEKA. Scope the gig details below along with ticketing information. In the meantime, stream the full beauty of Tiarne’s ‘Bloom’ below.

Album Rating: 4

Tiarne Live Dates

Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
w/ Clawmachine & OPAEKA

Written by Jake Wilton