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Everywhere Puts Four-On-The-Floor in New Track

Everywhere Press shot

Pop-rock outfit Everywhere have dropped their latest single Some Other Dude. The UK-based (despite their name) band have been experimenting with funk and disco sounds on this newest release which is the second single from their upcoming ‘Sophomore’ EP.

The song leans heavily on a funk-inspired bassline that repeats throughout the track. Layered on top of this is a electronic dance drum beat and a multitude of synthesiser sounds. Acoustic and electric guitar, hand claps, and various percussive instruments subtly appear throughout the song to add texture to the otherwise formulaic dancefloor filler.

Frontman Max Berga says, “It’s a funky little song about the importance of seizing an opportunity before it goes out the window”. The song seems to draw influences from a variety of places, such as Walk the Moon’s disco-rock, or The 1975’s newer material. These similarities may not be a coincidence either, as Everywhere have been working with Mark Needham, (noted for his work with The 1975 and The Killers) on their new material.

The recording process has been a mammoth task, with the band travelling from Stockholm to London and Los Angeles to get their material recorded.

The band, originally from Sweden, came to prominence when their breakthrough track Eddie. They then made their international debut at the 2013 NME awards alongside Django Djano, before heading on tour to support the Kaiser Chiefs.

Everywhere’s ‘Sophomore’ EP is expected to be released in September. Read our interview with Everywhere HERE

Written by Max Higgins