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Find Closure With Woo & The Clouds In Their Latest Track ‘Can I See You (Feat. Yirou)’

American band Woo & The Clouds recently released their indie-folk single ‘Can I See You (feat. Yirou)’.

The band, comprising of Yirou (Female Lead Vocal), Woo (Male Lead Vocal), Richie Newman (Guitar) and Phillip Woo (Piano), draw inspiration from Van Morrison, Bon Iver and Sade.

Just over 5 minutes long, ‘Can I See You’ is a subtle but substantial song, with Yirou’s delicate vocals carrying a sense of wistfulness that’s perfectly complemented by Woo’s low tones. The airy soundscape feels like a late autumn afternoon, watching a gust of wind pick up the fallen leaves and carry them skyward. The rich piano and acoustic guitars add to this melancholy ambience, creating a cohesive, warm vibe.


The band explained the creation process of ‘Can I See You’, “The song was recorded at family gathering. A pot of gumbo, a bottle of Hennessy in the evergreen forest of Washington. My Dad (Phillip) on the piano, Richie on guitar, into the grave shift hours. Richie started to strum, my father followed on the keys, I started to freestyle. Richie recorded the live session, sent me the stems(which is still the music track). I rewrote and re-recorded and added Yirou.”

Woo then explained the meaning behind the track, saying: “The song is about closure, saying the unsaid, healing old wounds, forgiveness. It plays a double meaning [now]… it has another layer with the times and the restrictions of seeing loved ones.”

Have a listen to this sweet single out now!

Written by Alice Powell