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Gaspar Sanz Revive Indie-Dance On ‘Scene of the Crime’

Gaspar Sanz are hot on the heels of indie-dance greatness. Following on from a delightfully amazing string of singles, the Sydney group are back again with a danceable number titled Scene of the Crime.

With Friendly Fires back on our lives, Mazy getting flicked onto everyone’s radars and Flamingo Jones testing the waters in between, Gaspar Sanz are in a healthy scene right about now. Scene of the Crime keeps the disco ball floating ever so high thanks to the group’s airy psych feel drenched over the dance aesthetics. Gaspar Ganz are all about having fun and Scene of the Crime is the forward motion to that effect.

The interplay of synths and guitars is so very central and intelligent on the track. Their vibrancy doesn’t go unnoticed as the prismatic pop tendencies filter deep into the DNA of the group. Gaspar Sanz know how to write some sensational hooks and the chorus on Scene of the Crime is one of their best. It’s a short, succinct tune that certainly doesn’t overstay its welcome, all the while enhancing the band’s panache for virtuosic indie-rock grooves.

We just missed out on their single launch show in Sydney. Don’t fret they tour frequently and they have huge tunes, such as the one you can stream below, to keep you occupied.

Written by Jake Wilton