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Get In! Jungle Love Festival Announces Spectacular 2016 Lineup

Jungle Love

Hot on the heels of their launch party on last weekend night, Jungle Love Music & Arts Festival have dropped this year’s lineup, and! This being their third year running, Jungle Love are coming into their own with an astounding 53 acts billed for the weekend in November.

They have a music for everyone. The Jensens for the party, Tijuana Cartel for the boogie, Hazards of Swimming Naked for the freaky, and everything in between. Vaudeville Smash are returning to the Jungle Love fold having shaken the room at Concrete Jungle earlier this year. We’ll also see some smaller yet swiftly-emerging acts in Clea, Sahara Beck, and Mid Ayr. The smorgasbord of musical delights rolls on and on with the likes of Cheap Fakes, beneb, Shag Rock, Zefereli, The Keepaways, and many more that can’t possibly fit into a respectable word limit.

“…with a freshwater creek that allows for swimming while listening to bands, Jungle Love is definitely one of the most idyllic Queensland festivals.”

But wait, there’s more as the bands are just the beginning of this festival for the senses! Jungle Love organisers have promised spectacular food, beautiful artworks, and a plethora of secret micro-venues to discover throughout the festival grounds.

Most of these intriguing festival experiences will remain a mystery until the festival itself, but we’ve been told there’ll be an on-site chapel called ‘The Sanctuary of Seduction’, a refuge for those punters who wish to legitimise their festival love with a solemn ceremony.

We’ll see the return of a ‘fan favourites’ from previous years such as the characteristic pink bicycles (they’re now rainbow bikes), which are free for the use of everyone at the festival. If your tired tootsies can’t handle the strain of walking between the stages, pick up an unattended bike and have at it! But make sure you pass it on to another festival-goer when you’re done.

Jungle Love also holds the promise of a special VIP lounge atop the two storey ‘Treehouse Bar’. For an additional $49, punters can mingle with musicians, access side-stage viewing, and experience breathtaking views of the festival grounds.

Nestled in a heavily wooded deer park (yeah, there’s real deers!), with a freshwater creek that allows for swimming while listening to bands, Jungle Love is definitely one of the most idyllic Queensland festivals. It’s also one of the most affordable, with tickets starting from $149.

Jungle Love Music & Arts Festival 2016

FRI 25th NOV – SAT 26th NOV

Get Tickets HERE

Jungle Love