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Get To Know Jet City Sports Club

Following the release of Jet City Sports Club’s new single ‘Green Thumb’, we’ve got some exclusive fun facts about the Sydney quartet to share with you.

After forming in mid-2020 the band wasted no time, getting straight into the studio and creating their debut five-track EP within 3 months. Their dreamy indie-pop sound falls into a similar sonic palette as The Sundays, The Buoys and Teenage Joans, has garnered significant support from the likes of Triple J and The Guardian and secured coveted spots in editorial playlists and indie tastemaker’s playlists alike.

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Vocalist Lilla tells the story of how the latest addition to their sun-kissed catalogue came to be, saying: “I started writing Green Thumb one afternoon when I looked around my apartment and realized I only had one houseplant that was still alive. So I suppose I started thinking ‘I hope I don’t neglect relationships like I do my plants!’ Jack is really good at bringing light summery and anthemic themes and fun catchy riffs into our music and so from there we just built on that before taking it first to the rehearsal studio with the band and then to Fletcher the Producer we worked on for this one.”

Get to know more about this fresh emerging band below:

Guilty Pleasures:

“Jack and Lilla uber eats gelato like three nights a week because they live together, it helps their songwriting for sure… uh”

First Dream Job:

Lilla: Acrobat – “Because I loved like doing somersaults and cartwheels, hanging off fences and stuff, and monkey bars”

Jack: Bunny Rabbit – “I have a very old worksheet from primary school which asked us to write what we wanted to be when we grow up and well, I drew a picture of a bunny rabbit.” 

Seb: Chef – “my mum always hated cooking so from a young age she’d get me to do the cooking as part of my chores and I just loved it”

Dom: “And growing up I wanted to be either an author or lawyer”

First Song They Wrote:

“Lilla and Jack wrote Redfern Station from our debut EP first. It was a super rainy afternoon and we were hanging at Jack’s mum’s place, having a few beers and writing and thought ‘f**ck this is actually decent as’”

Dream Band To Play With:

Lilla: Blondie – “because Debby Harry was my childhood idol and I would love to be able to say I played by her side.”

Jack: Connie Constance – “I think Connie Constance is a super unique voice and I would love to see some of our music move in the direction of the music she makes one day. She is definitely the queen of electro-indie right now, as well as just featuring on that absolutely stellar Swedish House Mafia song.”

Dom: Bloc Party – “My dream band to play with would be Bloc Party bc they have sick drum parts and it’d be dope to get to see that up close and personal; plus they seem like a pretty nice bunch of people.”

What Cocktail They Would Be

Lilla: Sidewinder – “the sidewinder was a cocktail at a bar Jack worked at that I used to drink with his staff discount. It’s like a jalapeno margarita and I would be one of those because I’m sweet but also have a loud and fiery side that people get to know pretty fast.”

Jack: Irish coffee – “I’m told a lot of people think I’m cold at first then (I hope) meet me and find the warm and sweet inside that is actually me lol”

Seb: Moscow Mule – “Moscow Mule because I’m simple, bitter and a little bit of a donkey”

Dom: Whiskey Sour – “I’d be a whiskey sour, cause it’s made with a bunch of ingredients that shouldn’t really go together but combine to make a surprisingly elegant drink.”


Get an injection of sonic sunshine with their new single ‘Green Thumb’ out now, watch the music video & grab tickets to one of their upcoming shows below!



Saturday, August 27 Bonny Hills Tavern, Port Macquarie, NSW free entry

Saturday, September 17, Oxford Arts Gallery Bar, Sydney, tickets

Green Thumb Single Launch (Supports by Organs + Euterpe)

Saturday, September 24, Dicey Rileys Wollongong, NSW free entry

Saturday, October 22, Last Chance Rock n Roll Bar, Melbourne, VIC free entry

Written by Alice Powell