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Gold Coast’s Driven Fear Unveil ‘Crisis’

Driven Fear Press Shot

Prepare for hardcore impact. Gold Coast screamo-rockers Driven Fear have just released their music video for warning anthem Crisis, and it pulls plenty of punches in getting the message across.

In prelude to the song, a quote flashes on screen from departed psychedelic guru Terence McKenna about how the world is in danger from the ‘absence of consciousness’ in regards to new ideas. From there, the song starts with a fast-paced heavy riff before lead singer Tim Hyde explodes into sharp-screamed fury about how the world will fall into an irredeemable crisis if we allow ourselves to be ruled by corrupted and self-serving leaders.

The frontman is backed-up by a montage of graphic imagery depicting dollar signs, police brutality, power-hungry tyrants, and full-out anarchy. The main star of the clip is the catchy sledgehammer of a chorus, making it impossible not to pump your fist up in defiant ferocity.

The 5-piece hardcore activists have been on a roll these past few months. In December they were announced the winners of Afend’s ‘Fast and Loud’ competition, scoring them the opportunity to team up with the Byron Bay clothing company to create a riotous music video for the single Fireball (Mr Sinister).

On top of that, last month the rockers released their sophomore album ‘Freethinker’, a blistering 12-track album hardcorers won’t want to miss.

To toast your ears with thought-provoking lyrics and aggressive guitar-shredding riffs, grab a copy HERE

To check out Driven Fear’s ‘Fireball (Mr Sinister)’ music video with Afends click HERE