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Hunter 505 Reveals His Emotional EP, ‘Mood’

Sydney based artist and producer, hunter 505 has today unveiled his much-anticipated EP, mood. The brand new 5 track EP features the previously released singles, handle and heart attack.

The opening track ego, lights things up with a big build of energy and jumps straight into some serious flow. Bopping beats with hunter 505’s unique flow make this one the ideal opener. The EP covers a vast range of genre settings, tracks like before I die, tracks carry more of a fast-paced modern-day pop delivery while the closing track, natural, heads more into that smooth, profound realm, making it the ideal way to calm things down.

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The previously released singles fit into this catalogue perfectly, making this EP a journey of hyper-pop vibes and sonic sounds. This one certainly places hunter 505 as one of Australia’s most exciting young prospects within his scene.

Mood is an emotional EP that strikes from the heart. It’s available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro