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Interview: Ecca Vandal


A lot of people have a hard time pin pointing exactly what Ecca Vandal ‘is’. Over the past 12 months the Melbournian based artist has hypnotized audiences across the country. She has released critically praised singles, played Splendour In The Grass, and most recently surprised fans with the release of her debut EP End Of Time without warning. Her music seems to subvert all known genres. Ecca Vandal is about as intentional as Kanye West is tactful. Which is to say, not at all. She’s not trying to be anything for anyone. It’s obvious from chatting to her that all Ecca Vandal is just, well, herself.

 The response to your latest EP has been hugely positive, how does that feel?

It feels really great. Yeah, it’s good to finally get new stuff out to people and get such a good response. Yeah!

It was a surprise release, was that a split second decision?

Well, it wasn’t technically a split second decision. I kind of woke up with the idea of making this EP, and rang up some people and said ‘can we make this?’ So we put it all together in a week, and I had a great team of people who helped me. People who know how to put it out there on the internet. You know, it’s so much easier to release things with the internet now, why not use it? So anyway yeah, I was able to get it out there.

You have a very natural, sort of gut instinct approach to music, considering you woke up one morning and was like “yeah I’m gonna make an EP”, where do you think that approach comes from?

Hmm, that’s a good question; Yeah I guess I just sort of follow my gut feeling with music. I don’t worry too much about what it ‘should’ sound like. I just let myself sort of go in a direction and if that sounds good and feels good to me, then good. I suppose not being jaded or anything like that and just doing what feels right is my approach.

Your music, especially this EP, a lot of people are calling it ‘genre defying’, is that something that you aim to be?

It’s not actually. I didn’t really go out trying to be anything. I just make what feels right and exciting for me, but I don’t actually define myself as any one specific thing. I’m not actually going out to ‘defy genres’, with my music, I’m making what I feel is good.

Do you find the concept of genre old fashioned?

I do, I do actually, um I mean there are the greats of each genre and it’s good to honour them. But I don’t think we have to categorise ourselves. I think it is old fashioned to try and say something is just rock or pop or whatever. We don’t have to be confined by what we are defined by, you know. We can do something different and fresh.

Previously when you released White Flag, you said that sharing your music was a big deal, do you still feel that way about releasing new music?

Umm, I mean I feel like that when you release new music, it’s always a big deal, because it’s something new and something you’ve worked on. But, I don’t feel as nervous anymore. I feel much more confident and I have a great team around me helping me out. So it’s a lot more exciting.

You’re also about to tour, do you prefer performing or recording?

I’d have to say probably a bit of both. At the moment I’m doing a lot of recording, but I do really enjoy the energy of performing live as well.

From stalking your Facebook profile, we saw that you made your own tour poster, how was that?

Yeah! It was really fun, my friend is an artist and we designed the poster and everything I was saying how cool would it be if we actually made the title with gold flakes, and I have this really amazing friend who is a gold presser. So I went down to the factory and he showed me how it all works with the foil stamping and embossing and oh, he is amazing! His name is Mattegold. His father is like one of the most renowned gold pressers in the country and he learned the trade, and so now they’re like competitors.

Are you arty yourself? Apart from your music of course.

Yeah, I am occasionally, but I’m much more of an appreciator, sort from the sidelines.

Does art influence your music at all?

I wouldn’t say influence. I think they kind of go hand in hand. Like when I release music, I like the visuals to match up with the sound. You know, like coming up with the cover and posters and everything. I think they sort of go hand in hand that way.

So, it’s February and you’ve already released and EP and scheduled a national tour, what more are you going to do this year?

Oh that’s true actually, I did cram a lot into the first quarter. Um, but yeah, I’ll definitely be spending a lot more time in the studio working on something a little longer and also might be making a trip overseas.

Oh nice! Also, who do you think will be headlining Splendour this year?

Oooh, that’s an interesting question, I’m not sure!

Or who would you love to see headline Splendour?

Hmm, well who I would like to see headline already did, which was Outkast. Ummm, I think Kendrick Lamar, although he is coming in May for Bluesfest so I’m not sure that he’d come again. Hmm, maybe Kanye? Mmm, that’d be funny. Or maybe Rhianna? Rhianna would be great actually.

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Ecca Vandal ‘End Of Time’ EP Tour

Party in the Paddock Festival, Burnscreek, Tasmania

Jack Rabbit Slim, Perth

The Foundry, Brisbane

Rocket Bar, Adelaide

Howler, Melbourne

The Small Ballroom, Newcastle

Newtown Social, Sydney
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