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Interview: Jelly Oshen Chats About His Latest Bop, ‘Borderlonely’

Cairns-based bedroom-pop artist Jelly Oshen has just shared his silken new track ‘Bordalonely’ – produced by Stephen ‘DubKlaat’ Maxell (Katchafire, Seanizzle). We recently sat down with Jelly to get the low down on the track, live shows, inspirations and more!

This is a stunning release! Can you tell us a little bit about the story or feelings behind ‘Bordalonely’?
Basically, I made it so that after you’ve had alone time to recharge you know it’s okay to want to ask for company to use up your battery/energy.

In your previous release ‘All Alone’ you expressed your need for time by yourself, ‘Bordalonely’ has the opposite sentiment! Have you found that the past two years in and out of lockdowns have made you want to go out and party?

Aaah I don’t particularly wanna go out and party because it’s never been my thing but I’ve definitely questioned if my alone time is becoming too time consuming, enough to ask myself if I’m bored or lonely or a bit of both.

What have been the biggest influences on your song writing?

I think the biggest influence would be my need to grow as a person, the only reason I even make songs is so I can self-reflect and learn, sometimes it’s just for fun but usually it’s so I can process a feeling or a new point of view.


I hear you have some exciting gigs coming up! Where will you be performing?

I’ve got the opportunity to play at FOTSUN and to open for Fat Freddy’s Drop.

Do you have plans to release more music this year?

Fck yeh boi

Is there anyone you would want to collaborate with in the future?

I’d love to make a song with the Gorrilaz, let alone just watch them make a song in general.


Written by John Zebra