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Interview: Live Like Animals Chat About Their Latest Single, ‘The White Room’

Eora/Sydney-based alt-rock quartet Live Like Animals have just unleashed their genre-transfiguring penchant with enveloping new single ‘The White Room‘ – produced by Brad Telfer Audio (Reliqa) and mixed and mastered by Chris Blancato (Northlane). We caught up with the band to find out more about the single and what’s next.

Congratulations on the release! How does it feel knowing ‘The White Room’ is out in the world?

This release and more has been sitting around for so long and we’re relieved more than anything that the world can see a more authentic and active side of our band. We haven’t had a release for years and our collaborations with the production for this have blown our minds and we’re so happy to be able to share them.

Tell us a bit about the inspiration for this track. What’s the story behind it?

This track is part of a larger story we’re yet to tell. Nic has made a world of about 6 rooms in his mind. This room, The White Room, is Nic’s anger, frustration, and sense of justice in the world. You can tell, this track is more aggressive and our lyrical and thematic content is consistent with that.

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As a band, what are some things you do to prioritise mental health and what challenges do you face sometimes, especially in the music industry? 

We all go to therapy! Brendan is medicated for his mental health, and we all write as a form of catharsis in some way. The music industry has a lot of pressure to it, to perform and be a lot larger than life but we’re committed to making our sound and our voice authentic and relatable because we care about our audience and want them to feel as included as much possible in our art.

How did you all meet and what inspired you to create the band ‘Live Like Animals’?

Nic and Ryan went to school together and formed a natural bond in their love of rock music. Brendan joined a few years later after seeing the band in concert a handful of times and I suppose Live Like Animals is a connection between all our love of modern music, music that makes us feel things, and innovation that we all aspire to create.

What are the next plans now after this release?

We’ll be finishing up a tour, but we’ve recorded a hell of a lot of songs and we’d absolutely love to share some more content with you all and our audience. We’ll jump on the road again and make some memories, might be a big release in the works, we’ll see!


Written by John Zebra