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Interview: Sir Archer Chats About Their Latest Offering, ‘Burning Down’

Sydney 7-piece, Sir Archer recently revealed their new single, Burning Down which we had the joy of premiering last month. Today we catch up with James from the band to find out more about the single, writing process, live shows and more!

Congrats on the new single, Burning Down. What was the inspiration behind the track?

Thanks! We have been chipping away at the one for probably 2 years so it feels great to finally have it out in the world.

The inspiration came from a desire for change. It started with an idea that grew very quickly as we fed off each other’s energies. Lyrically, it describes the feeling I think we were (and probably still are) all experiencing of wanting to spend more time in this creative space together and less time working jobs or giving energy to things that are no longer fulfilling.

Having a few band members, do you all collaborate during the writing process?

More than a few! ha! 7, it’s tricky! We try to write in a bunch of different ways but ultimately it just comes down to who we can get in the room. People contribute at different stages of the writing process but once it gets a little love from all of us is when it becomes a ‘Sir Archer’ song. That’s the magical recipe for our sauce!

Your sound is quite eclectic, what or who are some of your main inspirations as a band?

This could start some arguments lol. Our first facebook group message was called “Eagles 2.0” so maybe that’s telling? Any band that features a great rhythm section, memorable hooks and lots of vocals has likely influenced us. I’m not sure if there is one band all 7 of us agree on but it ranges from contemporaries like Kings of Leon, John Mayer, Matt Corby to classics like Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan, Police.

I’ve heard your live show is pretty epic, how was the recent show at the infamous Lansdowne?

We love doing live shows. It’s the main reason for our existence as a band. The Lansdowne was a great ride! Awesome stage, lights and audio setup. Even the greenroom is epic. We loved it! Seven of us means it’s hard to find rooms that can fit us all comfortably but The Lansdowne felt like home. The crowd was unreal, they were there with us throughout the whole show. There is no better feeling than having people singing your songs back at you.

What plans do you guys have for the remainder of the year? Should we expect new music?

Really cracking the lid on our secrets lol, I like it! We’re fortunate enough to be heading to Oceanic Studio at the end of September to record some new music, owned by none other than Jim Moginie from Midnight Oil.  We’re really looking forward to that. These new songs have got us all excited. We have stumbled into a new realm and I think we are going to like what we find. We’ll work on refining these new recordings for the rest of the year so they are ready to release in 2023. We’ll also be announcing a bunch of live shows for early next year.

Finally, what are some of your favourite Sydney live music hang outs?

Always been a fan of The Lansdowne. Great sized venue for some killer shows. Factory Theatre is an awesome time. Watching Holy Holy there was killer. Hanging in the front, out-door part having beers is a vibe. The Enmore Theatre is number 1, though. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Written by Chris Lamaro