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Kanye’s Twitter Saga Continues

Kanye DeadMau5

Despite his continued declarations it’s all ‘positive vibes’, Kanye just can’t seem to catch a break. This time Kanye is catching heat for a photo he posted on his twitter account (a.k.a. the gift that just keeps on giving) which showed him listening to Death With Dignity by Sufjan Stevens. Seems innocent enough right?


Kanye Sufjan Steven Tweet

Well, you’d be wrong because Ye’s eagle-eyed twitter followers and producer Deadmau5 were quick to spot another tab that suggested Ye might be pirating the synthesiser plugin Serum. The plugin is sold through Deadmau5’s Xfer record label and was developed by the producer’s long-time friend Steve Duda.

A spokesperson from Kanye’s camp has since revealed to Pitchfork that the photo was intended as joke, poking fun at how much his latest album ‘The Life of Pablo’ had been illegally downloaded. But it seems that Deadmau5 (who has also previously joked about using a pirated version of the plugin) didn’t appreciate the joke and was quick to vent his frustrations in a series of tweets.

Deadmau5 tweet 1

Kanye, never one to shy away from a Twitter beef, promptly responded. However, unlike his previous online bouts with Wiz Khalifa and producer Bob Ezrin that were a little vicious, Kanye just seems to be having fun with one. It began with Ye asking how to actually pronounce Deadmau5’s name, a very reasonable question might I add, and culminated in an invitation for the producer to perform in a Minnie Mouse head at North’s birthday party, to be streamed live of Tidal of course.

Kanye DeadMau5 Tweets

But, let’s not forget Deadmau5 has had plenty of experience with twitter beef as well and refused to let it stop there. Jumping back on Twitter this morning Deadmau5 sent another series of tweets, which ended with the producer telling Ye to “perform at your own daughter’s parties. You’re a bigger f*ckin clown than anyone I know”.

DeadMau5 tweet 2

Kanye is yet to respond but as we all wait in anticipation take a minute to think of Jay Z and how awkward his next Tidal event will be as both Kanye and Deadmau5 are artist co-owners of the streaming service.

If you need something to fill the void while waiting for Kanye’s response you can read more about his previous twitter escapades HERE or just relive some of his best moments HERE