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Step Back Into Kirkis’ Pummelling & Hallucinogenic World On ‘Who’s Bad???’


The multi-faceted freak show of Kirkis has returned with a grappling and pummelling offering, Who’s Bad???. The Melbourne talent continues to project his duality of poetic artistry, nihilistic tendencies auditory craftsmanship.

Once again, the artist is in a realm of his own—we’re merely taking an unnerving and unadulterated peek into this world. Truly, there’s nothing unlike Kirkis’ music out there. His own variety of weirdo, zombie energy fed into a machine of insecure psych-pop. Both visually and sonically, Kirkis shakes the listener to their core. The uncomfortable sensation is merely a natural reaction to this artist’s fervent and borderline hallucinogenic artistry.

Who’s Bad??? is a three-song opus stitched into one. The Frankenstein Kirkis has created is a true vision of his unquenchable thirst to be unique. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Who’s Bad??? is the first single ripped from Kirkis’ forthcoming sophomore album, ‘Kirkis 2’, which is out Friday 26 October via his own label, MODED. It follows his debut, ‘Vide’, which spawned such other hypochondriac musical revelations as Finally, Miracle and Vivian.

Stream Who’s Bad??? below.

Written by Jake Wilton