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Kwasi Brings The Fire On His New Single, ‘Ready To Go’

Hailing from Naarm/Melbourne, the immensely talented artist Kwasi has swiftly risen as an undeniable powerhouse, leaving audiences spellbound with his unfiltered and groundbreaking musical style. Embarking on an exhilarating journey, he has set the world ablaze today with his latest release, Ready To Go.

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Propelled by unwavering and fearless energy, the track surges forth, igniting a fire within and leaving no room for apologies. Yet amidst the fervour, Ready To Go weaves a tapestry of introspection, seamlessly blending a laid-back ambience. Delving into the depths of human emotions, Kwasi’s poignant lyrics unravel a narrative of isolation, confusion, and heartache, inviting listeners to shed the burdens of life and immerse themselves in the transformative solace found within the very fabric of the music.

Constantly pushing the boundaries, Kwasi has yet again shown us that he is an exciting talent with a knack for producing exceptional tunes and we’re a big fan. Ready To Go is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra