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Live Review: The Rubens w/ Kira Puru & Joyride @ The Tivoli – 24.02.2017

The Rubens demonstrated exactly what it means to put on a memorable and enjoyable live show. The energy in the room at The Tivoli in Brisbane on Saturday night lasted from song one and continued to be felt over the following two hours. Treated to a bunch of new and old, you wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.

Supported by Kira Puru and Joyride, the introductory acts provided the perfect opening to the night. Joyride, former member of the now (sadly) retired act The Meeting Tree, provided the crowd with an excellent cover of Methyl Ethel’s Twilight Driving. He also debuted a new tune Blue Batmans before ripping into popular bubbly tune Aunty Tracey’s Cookies to close.

Right from the start, The Rubens set the standard for the kind of show they were planning to treat us to. Opening with new track Teeth, and then following up with popular tune Cut Me Loose, lead singer Sam Margin walked down off the stage and into the pit of awaiting and adoring fans. It was a goosebumps moment right from the beginning. Armed with his wireless microphone, there was no need to pause singing as he parted the crowd, who had phones held high to catch the action for social media. It’s an action few lead singers have the gall to do, but it was awesome to watch. It created a connection with the crowd that kept them latched onto his every word for the rest of the set.

There was no slowing the action of the night after that. Unfortunately, the band were forced to stop mid song as one punter decided that hanging from the ceiling over the crowd was a wise choice. The screams of the crowd turned from enjoyable to surprised and somewhat fearful as those below moved out of the way in preparation for the worst-case scenario. The band stopped the tune and addressed the daredevil, saying, “We won’t keep playing unless you get back mate, we start playing again and everyone hates you.” The night was cut short for that particular fan, as security made their move shortly after he made it back to the second level of The Tivoli safely.

Disaster averted, the band and the crowd got back on track. Playing not only their own hits, The Rubens entertained with their genre hopping cover of Chance The Rapper’s tune Same Drugs. It was a surprising fan favourite with numerous supporters finding a kind friend to carry them on their shoulders for the duration of the track. Also filling the middle of their set, duets with not one, but both supporting acts. Kira Puru joined the boys on stage for a beautiful rendition of track Never Ever. While Joyride bounced along with lead Sam and the crowd to song The Seed. There were slower and more soulful moments of the night, especially when the band debuted unheard tracks that the crowd couldn’t sing along to. But closing the show with three of their biggest songs, the room quickly turned into karaoke. Million Man, Lay It Down and Hottest 100 winning track Hoops closed out the night.

Manned with just his guitar, Sam hit everyone in the room with the feels while playing unhurried tune Lay It Down. It’s a beautiful song, and was even better live sandwiched between the two hit tracks. The sing-along theme of the night continued with the band closing with arguably their most popular track Hoops. There was not a person in the room not singing along to the tune. Moments like that are solid reminders of what we were all there for. Sharing great music that we all love.

Despite the drama of the night, it was the perfect way to spend a Saturday night. The Rubens performed as if they were seasoned entertainers. Whether you are a die-hard fan or were simply there for the vibes, you would have gone home more than happy.

Written by Lauren Clarke