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Live Review: The Amity Affliction w/ Trophy Eyes @ The Tivoli

The Amity Affliction (30 of 30)

On a damp and gloomy Friday night, flocks of angsty punters squeezed their way into The Tivoli to get their weekly fix of hardcore goodness. After receiving critical appraise but mixed fan reception, The Amity Affliction were out to prove that their new album ‘This Could Be Heartbreak’ translated better live than it did in the studio.

However, before the Brisbane mosh-lords hit the stage Newcastle’s Trophy Eyes made their presence felt. On the verge of releasing their new album ‘Chemical Miracle’, the 5-piece focussed their set heavily on older material, and previewed what’s to come in the form of Chlorine. As much as Trophy Eyes tried to gee the crowd up, tearing through fan favourites In Return and My Name On Paper, it was obvious the restless audience only wanted to see The Amity Affliction tear sh*t up.

The Amity Affliction (5 of 30)

As alcohol and sweat humidified the room and the wide variety of Amity fans jostled for position, The Amity Affliction walked out to an eruption of joy and excitement. Not hesitating to play new tracks, the 4-piece immediately jumped into single I Bring The Weather With Me, much to the delight of the mosh. Dan Brown’s live solo was a much welcomed inclusion to the track, however the rhythm guitar backing track was a slight distraction as we wondered where the band’s touring members had disappeared to…

Away from newer tracks, The Amity Affliction gave the fans all their favourites, kicking into floor splitter Open Letter and digging out an oldie but a goodie I Hate Hartley. To many fans surprise, the ending of I Hate Hartley saw Ahren sing a single chorus of much loved tune Youngbloods before abruptly ending, signalling the possible retirement of the cherished metalcore banger.

The Amity Affliction (8 of 30)

The highlight of the night came when Joel Birch gave a touching tribute to The Ghost Inside, who were late withdrawals from Amity’s massive Big Ass Tour last year having suffered a horrific bus crash. Following the crowds deafening applause of appreciation, The Amity Affliction ripped into a cover of The Ghost Inside’s Engine 45. The monstrous breakdown was met with swinging limbs and flying spin kicks as the pit became a chaotic frenzy.

Giving the crowd a chance to hydrate and recuperate, the set turned to a more relaxed note as the soft strums and vocals of new track All F*cked Up filled The Tivoli. While we were sceptical of The Amity Affliction’s latest works, the new songs went down a treat live with the crowd screaming every word back at the band as they debuted Fight My Regret.

Closing the night with anthems Pittsburgh and Don’t Lean On Me, The Amity Affliction left the audience exhausted and buzzing. While the addition of a second guitarist and possible keyboardist would have thickened and improved the band’s overall live sound, the sold-out crowd was evidence enough to show what The Amity Affliction have become is something huge and in no need of change. If their albums continue to reach #1 and tours continue to sell-out the way they so often do, it’s hard to see the Amity train ever slowing down.

The Amity Affliction (24 of 30)

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Written by Sam Muggleton

Photos by Vincent Shaw