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Lizzie Esau Raises The Bar With Her New Single, ‘The Enemy’

UK alt-indie artist, Lizzie Esau recently unveiled the catchy new indie jam, The Enemy. It follows on form her super well received single, Shade Of Green, which has racked up some very impressive online streams.

The Enemy is three minutes of indie rock that carries a classic feel to it. Flowing overdriven guitars, driving drum work and a vocal delivery that is reminiscent of an alternative classic make this tune one for your ‘favourites’ playlist. Lyrically the track is an ode to the stereotypes that Lizzie grew up around in her local town.

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The Enemy follows a character similar to those I’d see growing up around me in a village just outside of Newcastle. It’s about someone who doesn’t fit in or work well in school and is pushed into jobs and a future that they don’t want and feel was written for them. It explores how this leads to rebelling and frustration which is often soothed with overconsumption. Although it’s a very political song it ends with a personal nod to how this character (based on someone close to me) comes out of the other side and goes against what is expected. Overall I wanted this song to portray the bitter truth of life I’ve seen around me but also end with a sense of hope. – Lizzie Esau

Lizzie has put together a unique and classic vibe all in one, as soon as I heard it I had it stuck in my head for days and I’m sure you will too. It’s available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro