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LoveSelf Pushes The Boundaries On The Catchy Single, ‘Anymore’

Canadian artist, LoveSelf recently unveiled the smooth and dynamic single, Anymore. It follows on from a slew of singles throughout 2021.

Anymore is brushed with bright melodies, smooth basslines and catchy vocal tones. It has a uplifting feel good vibe throughout it’s short three minute life. Carrying some serious toe tapping moments, it’s written about heartbreak and loss. It’s actually the first time LoveSelf has tackled this narrative in his tunes.

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This song is a special one. For the first time I have written and produced a track entirely on my own. From programming the drums, bass, and instruments to recording the guitar and vocals. I especially like the unusual guitar solo that spears the track when you least expect it and the bells on the intro and verses are a charm. The song started as a catchy chord progression in a unorthodox tuning I got from TeamSesh’s “Grayera”. I noticed when I would sing a bittersweet sensation would fill my soul so I decided to write the lyrics about heartbreak and loss or maybe it’s about fighting for something or someone you love. Who knows? That’s up to the listener to decide. All I know is that “Anymore” might be the first and last love song I ever write. – LoveSelf

Anymore is one of those tracks for your upbeat playlists, it has all the elements of a hipswinging tune with a loud sing-a-long chorus. It’s available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro