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Luan Mei’s Dazzling Track, ‘Yellow’

Independent singer-songwriter Luan Mei’s latest track, ‘Yellow’, paints a vibrant portrait of an LGBTQ love story.

The musician is influenced by an eclectic blend of artists like Milky Chance, Tash Sultana and Tom Misch, and she writes her heartfelt lyrics through the lens of Synaesthesia- where she associates colours with people, moments and sounds. The Madrid-born UK-based artist has only released one other single, ‘Elements’, a fact that’s hard to believe when listening to the captivating new single, ‘Yellow’.


Luan seamlessly combines her energetic finger-style guitar with delicious, poppy synths and flowing melodies to create a blissful, summery track. The indie-pop tune tells the real story of a musician and a poet, working together and connecting through their art. Yellow is the colour the musician perceives the poet through her Synaesthesia- seeing her soul “as bright and warm as the sun”.

Through the rhythmic beauty that is ‘Yellow’, Luan is providing a voice for many- she explains “it’s essential to give a voice to all the people from the LGBTQ+ collective who are not able to live freely, through making visible all types of love and stories.”

Check out the radiant tune now & look out for more exciting stuff from Luan Mei!

Written by Alice Powell