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Making a Horror Movie Q & A: Perry Kakridas from ‘Circles’

Circles Band

Melbourne progressive rockers Circles are once again turning plenty of heads with their latest single Sand and Wind, a stunning combination of djent and Aussie prog-rock. We threw Circles’ vocalist Perry Kakridas a few questions on how the 5-piece would approach making their own blood-curdling horror movie.

If Circles were to create a horror movie, what genre of horror would it be and why? (e.g Slasher, Thriller, Psyhcological, Supernatural, Comedy).

Psychological Pimploitation Social Commentary.

What would the premise be and what would you call the movie?

A man is on a quest for revenge after receiving some negative YouTube comments about his band from some online trolls. This movie will be called “Blood Fart: The Drippening”

Who would play the bad guy, who would play the innocent virgin hero, who would play the comic relief, and who would be the director of the film?

The bad guy/anti hero is none other than Charles “Death Wish” Bronson. He’s pissed about not reaching his band’s crowd funding goals, so he logs on to YouTube for a bit of light (non-masturbatory) relief.  He sees one negative comment and THE SH*T HITS THE FAN. Here enters the innocent “virgin hero”, expertly played by Samuel L. “Motherf*ckin'” Jackson. Having to use his considerable charm, and expert scowls to escape from certain death. He ultimately convinces Charles Bronson that although he goes by the online handle of “2MuchP00n”, his YouTube account was hacked on the night in question, therefore he did not post the comment online. Well that, and he’s still a virgin.

The comic relief will be provided by the official motion picture soundtrack. Normally all creative imagery from Circles is directed by our drummer Dave “Hollywood” Hunter, but I really think someone like Ridley Scott needs an opportunity to direct this movie. In fact, he should be given the opportunity to direct every movie being made before anyone else.

What is the name and background story of your main villain?

Well it turns out that the hacker who posted under the username “2MuchP00n” is actually a man who goes under another online handle, I’m talking about “LordOfTheMinge” of course. He’s a man who’s forged his path in life by sheer will and talent and he despises mediocrity in all forms. It turns out that this man is none other than world renowned genius Stephen Hawking. With his vast intellect, and cunning wit he is a formidable foe. His offsider and brutal enforcer is a man of considerable physical prowess. This man is Mr. T.  Because f*ck it, why not?

In your film, does good conquer evil? Or would there be a twist?

Yes, good does prevail in the sense that the “good guy” survives. At the end of the movie Samuel L. Jackson walks away into the sunset muttering something about “those crazy motherf*ckers” -But there’s also a twist- In the final epic showdown, all involved parties agree to settle the score at a chilli festival. They each agree to ingest the infamous “Peruvian Ghost Chilli”. And they do this knowing that they are only one blood fart away from death…

Would the people behind ‘Scary Movie’ parody it?

Considering that parodies exist to cash in on the success of the original material, and that my movie pitch is not likely to sell a single ticket at the box office, I’d have to say probably not.

Sand and Wind is the first release from your upcoming album, how reflective is it of the rest of the release?

Well, it’s a faster paced, overly aggressive song that highlights some of the heavier aspects of our sound. The rest of the album has many elements in common,  but ultimately each song is executed differently. I really think we’re throwing a bit of a curve ball here, but the passion, energy and conviction in the music is still there. And I think that’s what our fans have come to love about our music.

How has the process of creating the second album differed from the first, if at all?

Creating fully formed and engrossing music is hard thing for any band to do. We don’t write fillers and won’t put out any music that we think is not our best. So ultimately writing and recording an album is the hardest and most rewarding thing we can do as a band.  But also, it’s a pain in the fucking ass. So in that respect, creating this album is the same extraordinary tooth pulling exercise that the first one was. But hey, we’ve grown closer as a band, we’re all on the same wavelength and we all want the same thing these days. In terms of writing and recording we are collaborating a lot more, and the music has rewarded us for it.  Ultimately with guitarist/singer Ben Rechter being the new addition to the band, our perspective has been broadened and we’ve found the ideas are coming in a little bit easier. Stay tuned!

How does your progressive rock/metal sound differ to other bands in your genre?

Well that’s just it, I can’t think of too many bands that have done the heavy/rock thing without compromising one or the other. I guess our progressive side helps stitch it all together, but all the craziest ideas in the world won’t give you the same feeling that a well written song will. We try to find that balance, but it takes it toll sometimes. And sometimes I guess the only thing that keeps us sane is to joke about blood farts…

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