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Mouse Reveal Their High Vibe New Single, ‘Puck’

Brisbane four piece indie outfit, Mouse have just revealed their new single, Puck. It follows on from their previous release, Pinned To An Avalanche and carries on with that big and loud garage sound.

Puck kicks into shape quickly with it’s ripping overdriven guitar work, pounding drums and 90’s grunge style vocal delivery. The new track comes along with an accompanying music video, that fits the tune so fucking well. Oozing with absolute fun, it sees the band take to a local golf course and have some wholesome good times.

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The track has a positive message: that if you want to rebel against this highly flawed society then stop falling for the trap of drugs and alcohol and instead look after yourself and love yourself! The music video shot by Harley Jones depicts the band taking over the classic boomer pastime of golf and making it their own.

Mouse have been going from strength to strength with each release and this new one showcases their talent at the highest level. Puck is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro