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Step Into Outside The Academy’s Delightfully Dark Disco On ‘Hand In Hand (Let’s Go)’

Outside The Academy is back again to please and delight with his one and only single of the year, Hand In Hand (Let’s Go). Further to his future-pop and revered one-man musical act, Outside The Academy ramps up the experimentation even further on his new single.

Any song that can conjure that frenetic Foals-esque, not-quite-math-rock sensibility instantly peaks my interest. Hand In Hand (Let’s Go) is avant-garde rock that’s clever, antiquated and joyful. There are moments of sheer musical prowess and lyrical freedom in all of its crevices. Its ability to build and cascade is excellent. It’s strung together with intelligent guitar work and shapeshifting melodies. His new single follows last year’s excellent Neanderthal.

There’s an art to Outside The Academy’s—real name Pawel Cholewa—madness. It’s off-white disco—danceable and far beyond a strictly antediluvian formula. Rather, Cholewa excels in the freeform psychedelia. In addition, his sampling and ability to stack drums and guitar upon guitar melodies on each other are masterful. It’s never overbearing, rather a joy to hear it all built up like a genius Jenga stack.

Outside The Academy is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive, sonically pleasing one-man band in recent history.

Stream Hand In Hand (Let’s Go) below.

Written by Jake Wilton