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Pigs Are Flying, Frank Ocean Releasing New Album On Friday (Apparently)

Frank Ocean right size

It’s been teased, it’s been delayed, we’ve been waiting…it might finally be here! Frank Ocean has announced that his sophomore album ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ will release on Friday, 5th of August, exclusively on Apple Music before releasing to the public two weeks later.

The release of ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ will be accompanied by a printed zine of the same name (available at Apple stores) and a major video. With such a momentous release seemingly on the horizon, there is of course a lot of mystery surrounding it.

Ocean announced a July 2015 release date for ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ through popular online void Tumblr, back in April. For a long time, this false date was all we had to go off for the release but suddenly overnight the internet has exploded with valuable new information.

Ocean’s website was updated with a stream of backstage equipment and an ominous Apple Music logo in the corner.

The stream is still going and can be seen below.

Along with this stream, Ocean’s website now features only two images, one of which is showing the zine which will accompany the ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ release, and the other is a mysterious library returns card.

Frank ocean zine

Frank Ocean Library Card

The most recent burst of information came from The New York Times, who spoke to an anonymous source about the nitty gritty details for the album which we spoke about earlier.

Frank Ocean burst onto our radar with his incredibly strong 2012 debut ‘Channel ORANGE’ which was universally praised as a STRONG R&B album and one of the best releases of the year. Standout singles Thinking Bout You and Pyramids are known for the trademark emotional vocals and ambient instrumentation ocean became known for. Since then, we have been patiently waiting on a follow-up.

It’s not like Ocean hasn’t been busy since releasing his debut album, featuring on Kanye’s latest album ‘The Life Of Pablo’ and helping James Blake with writing duties on ‘The Colour In Anything’.

Ocean is also a well-known advocate for LGBT rights after opening up about his sexuality on his Tumblr in 2012 and Ocean was a heartfelt voice during the Orlando shootings. For more about the response to the Orlando shootings, read Troye Sivan’s slamming of Prime Minister Turnbull’s recent LGBT comments HERE

Of course, with so many delays on the album, it’s wise to take all this excitement with a grain of salt. But still, the new Frank Ocean album may just release on Friday…what a time to be alive.