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Premiere: Acacia Bloom Reveal Their Dynamic Debut EP, ‘Something You Said’

Sydney-based indie punk outfit Acacia Bloom will this week reveal their dynamic debut EP, Something You Said, and today we have the joy of bringing you the very first spin of the 5-track EP.

Something You Said is a ripping EP that ticks all the boxes of a classic Australian indie-rock body of work. From the opening track, What’s Up, with its ultra-catchy hooks, to the closing track, Nowhere On Earth, with its sing-along ballad moments, Acacia Bloom has nailed their sound on this one.

To get to know the EP a little better, the band has exclusively shared with us a walkthrough of each track.

“At its core, Something You Said is about the numbering ways that people can come into your life and change its course. For better or for worse, we are all a product of these experiences. This EP is a heartfelt exploration of how love, loss, joy and hardship help to shape us into the people we are.”- Acacia Bloom.

What’s Up?

What’s Up? comes from the experience of being surrounded by so called friends who love talking behind your back. It’s the shock and confusion of finding out the people you thought were your friends have been saying all kinds of spiteful stuff behind your back. As you come to terms with feelings of abandonment and betrayal, you’re left to question why and who you can trust.

Sorry Tommy

Sorry Tommy looks at the experience of being in a toxic and unstable relationship/friendship, diving into the emotions of vulnerability, guilt and anger that come as a response to being used as someone else’s emotional punching bag again and again.


Swansona embodies the idea that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. It’s a love song for someone that doesn’t feel pretty enough, smart enough or just feels like they’re not enough all together. It assures them they’re amazing, tells them they’re beautiful and promises to stand with them through it all.

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My Disease

My Disease explores realms of mental illness, delving into the way people with illnesses like depression and anxiety can be perceived and treated, as well as the extent to which certain cultural norms can help perpetuate these illnesses. It also takes a look at the way mental illnesses can strain and affect relationships with people around you, as you struggle under the weight of your own head. Also, the solo rips.

Nowhere On Earth

Nowhere On Earth is ultimately a story of heartache. It reflects on an old friendship, looking back on its innocent beginnings, before things were complicated by feelings and selfish decisions. The song dives into feelings of regret, sadness and longing, wishing we could go back to a time when things were simpler and everything was still ok. Nowhere On Earth plays with a hopeless romanticism, suddenly grounded by the reality that some things aren’t just meant to be.

To celebrate the new EP this Friday, Acacia Bloom is playing a live show in Sydney at The House Of Music & Booze.

Something You Said encapsulates Acacia Bloom’s raw passion and musical prowess, promising to leave an indelible mark on the indie punk scene. It’s available this Friday but you can listen right here exclusively today.

Nov 24
– The House Of Music & Booze, Sydney, NSW

Tickets available at | 18+ only

Written by Chris Lamaro