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PREMIERE: Boroky Constructs Art-Pop Purity On ‘Silent Shores’

There’s an immediate fixation on Boroky’s personality here on Silent Shores. Who he is and who he aims to be is personified through his slinky and intelligent art-pop. Hailing from Canberra, Boroky—born Toby Graham—creates multi-layered music that serves a holy purpose of vulnerability and pure artistry. Before it’s official release, AAA Backstage has the exclusive premiere of Silent Shores.

There’s an intensive classical music influence underneath Silent Shores. Every melody and musical structure is built with such clarity and understanding of its landscape and greater context. Though coated in a pop veil, Graham’s classical music background—having studied at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music—makes his music stand out from the pack. Much like how LUCIANBLOMKAMP‘s intensive post-electronica is underpinned by a motive of classical movement, Boroky further exemplifies this through his emotive vocals—portraying a reflection unto himself.

As the musical components stack on top of each other through its 5 minutes, it’s incredible how Boroky manages to balance it all. Much like a Jenga stack, there’s wobble and movement, but it never topples over. Boroky builds and constructs a stimulating and unique experience of electronics and vocal purity.

Silent Shores is a taste of the first full-length album to come from Boroky later this year. Impressively, he has performed and programmed all the instruments and vocals himself while also undertaking the mammoth task of writing, recording, production and mixing for the whole album. An impressive feat and more impressive the more closely you listen to Silent Shores. The rise in experimental art-pop has been a welcome move in Australia. More recently, the ambidextrous and confident Blyolk and the vibrant and transparent artistic movement of Tetrahedra have impressed the masses in Melbourne.

Boroky will be playing three very intimate shows this March and April for those in Canberra and Melbourne. Be sure to catch him while he’s fresh! Also get the exclusive premiere of Silent Shores below.

Boroky Live Dates

The Street Theatre, Canberra
Smith’s Alternative, Canberra
Longplay, Melbourne

Written by Jake Wilton