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PREMIERE: Bask In Charlotte Roberts’ Spanish Mantra Of ‘Solsito’

There’s no one else like Charlotte Roberts. Her voice is a commanding centrepiece and acts as a malleable, versatile instrument on its own. Her latest single, Solsito, is a strong moment in the musician’s lineage and is accompanied by a stunning video clip. AAA Backstage are thrilled to offer its exclusive premiere.

Roberts has created a new zeitgeist in songwriting restrain. Letting her voice do the work—with strikingly minimal production and instrumentation—Roberts’ voice peers in-and-out of movement—akin to the film clip. Sampled, layered and built upon, Roberts’ creative entropy is at an all time.

With the single, Roberts has launched a stunning visual piece. Produced by accomplished filmmaker Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore—known for her revolutionary ‘Her Sound, Her Story’ documentary piece and her work with YT DiNGO—is a telltale piece of dance and movement. Veiled in a stunning orange, the sun-drenched location makes for a breathtaking visual encapsulation of the song. The choreography is handled marvellously by Kathleen Gonzalez. Of the clip, Dalimore said:

“There’s a sweet and fleeting magic to the mid-afternoon sun. It’s the part of the day I always notice most as shafts of light come through my window. I worked with lighting designer Sam Doyle to recreate that in the lighting set up. The brilliant cinematography & colour grade by Nick Rieve from Treehousewas the last piece to making this collaboration truly come to life,” explained Dalimore.

Charlotte Roberts will launch Solsito tonight at Dancehouse. For anyone in Carlton North, get on down for an experience of a lifetime. Stream Solsito below.

Charlotte Roberts Live Dates

Dancehouse, Carlton North

Written by Jake Wilton