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Premiere: Fall In Love To Joy In Motion’s New EP, ‘Falling Out’

There are few debut EP’s that have grabbed my attention the way Joy In Motion’s has. ‘Falling Out’ is the four-piece’s first collective of tracks and it’s guaranteed to elevate the Brisbane band to incredible heights. Released officially tomorrow, Joy In Motion were kind enough to give AAA Backstage a first listen of the EP.

In our first piece featuring the band’s new single of the same name, comparisons were made to Box Car Racer and even early Angels & Airwaves–it’s no coincidence that both these bands feature Tom DeLonge, but we’ll get to that in a minute. Instantly, the group divert their path of pop-punk on opening track, Falling In, which features Millie Tizzard. Crescendos fill this opening track in an expertly delivered fashion along with some finely produced, mild tempered guitar tones.

Now, about those Tom DeLonge influences, they are well and truly present on the EP–really flourishing in lead singer, Jake Solway’s, wide vocal range. This is ever present in Foolish Boy, which serves as the EP’s midway banger and, boy, does it pull through. Solway can pull his vocals back (see Can’t Stop Won’t Stop) just as easily as he can bring them into full force like in the EP’s ending, title track.

Speaking of the title track, Solway said you’re not wrong if you notice a relationship with that of Angels & Airwaves’ music.

Combining the ambient soundscapes from their later writing, while also keeping the drums simple and catchy like a Blink-182 song is exactly the vibe we were going for,” validates Solway.

What’s so clever about Joy In Motion is their clear path of diversity in their brand of pop-punk. Each track has these light underlaying melodies which validate and justify the rock prowess on display. These intricate musical layers lend themselves to multiple listens. ‘Falling Out’ is no where near clean-cut, but, given the chance, it most certainly could all be pulled back to its roots–acoustic guitar in hand and a ripping signing voice laying out these incredible lyrics. That’s the sign of a band ready for stardom.

If you’re pining for more Joy In Motion action after scoping their debut EP, streaming below, you can catch the band’s first live performance supporting Young Lions next month.

Joy In Motion Live Dates

The Brightside, Brisbane
Brisbane City Botanic Gardens, Brisbane

Written by Jake Wilton