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PREMIERE: Hurst Have Your New Punk Anthem With ‘Purple & Green’


As if Hurst aren’t the best new band making mosh pits move? I haven’t air drummed to a song this heavy in a long time. The Western Sydney four-piece have unleashed their opus anthem, Purple & Green. AAA Backstage are pleased to offer the exclusive premiere.

First catching our ears in January this year with the energetic, wall-blasting tune, Rattle Kids. It was crunchy and hard hitting, but, somehow, the band have outdone themselves on Purple & Green. They push their punk rock sounds to the point of hyperbole, yet retain a perfectly clear and precise narrative.

Hurst’s instant appeal derives from lead singer Ana Veira’s uncompromising, commanding presence. She projects a visceral, commandeering femme charisma that is only enhanced behind the pummelling back force of the band’s instrumentation—for which she uses as a Trojan horse for her rage.

Aside from the head-banging aesthetics that riddle the track, Purple & Green is also a view inside Veira’s mind. Questioning sanity and the balancing act of emotions and convictions, the track is a cathartic admission that things don’t have to make sense just yet.

I admit that I’m very much among the first out there to hide my problems and struggles with mental health. And there’s this war between my heart and head over how I should live my life. The older I get, the more I understand that saving face is unsustainable. Fact is, I’m vulnerable, I’m an unfinished work and just because things don’t line up or make sense, doesn’t mean they never will. I hope this song can mean something to you as it does to me. I hope it can help you project whatever deep emotions and thoughts are percolating in you. I hope it can open doors to be more of who you really are,” details Veria on Instagram.

June is a big month for the band. Come 29 June, their debut EP—‘Sad Face’—will be dropping on your preferred streaming platform and they’ll also be off and running on a fairly regional tour which will last, on-and-off, until November.

See Hurst’s tour schedule below and catch the exclusive stream of Purple & Green.

Hurst Live Dates

MusicMan Megastore, Bendigo
Botany View Hotel, Newtown
Captain Cook Hotel, Sydney
Lust 4 Life, Dubbo
Lennox Groove, Lennox Head
The Vic Hotel, Orange

Written by Jake Wilton