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PREMIERE: JKLV Refines The Rhythmic Grid On ‘Savage’


Savage is the beginning of a warped new world for JKLV. The young producer creates melodic elegance and unique structures in his electronic textures. This track, the leading single off a forthcoming EP, holds no bars in terms of rousing patterns. AAA Backstage is pleased to have the exclusive premiere before its official release later this week.

Immediately, a landscape of lunar melancholy, cinematic despair and astral ambience wash over. The synth lines are ominous though never impervious to its own might. In just three-and-a-half-minutes, Savage covers so much ground on the rhythmic grid. This is an obscure and refrained avant-garde lo-fi electronic piece that coherently shapes JKLV’s promising future. It’s unpredictable and presents the producer’s idiosyncracies in the best way imaginable.

JKLV, though inspired by producers of the same ilk and in his contemporary line of work. One of those being the now disbanded solo project of Harry Deadman, aka Daily Holla. The Brisbane production collaboration makes for an unforgettable moment—Savage makes time stand still while everything orbits around it.

‘Savage’ was a fun track to make, it basically started off with the bassline and that heavy lead. Daily Holla and I were working on a few things at that time so he jumped on it as well, I think one of the coolest things is that delayed reverb build, creates an intense atmosphere – that was Harry on the guitar,” digressed Jock Lovell, aka JKLV.

Stream Savage below.

Written by Jake Wilton