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PREMIERE: ‘Kitchen Sink Drama’ Is The Raw, Maximalist Debut EP From Preloved Things

On their debut EP, Preloved Things—Brisbane’s new wrought appropriation of tense indie-blues-rock—deliver a conscious vision of an algorhythmic apocalypse. Sporadic in deliver, yet collectively cohesive as a sold entity, ‘Kitchen Sink Drama’ is an astonishing first effort. AAA Backstage has the exclusive first listen.

Just last month, we heard Preloved Things’ opus first taste to the EP, Entertaining The Thought (Of Leaving You). It was a peek into the group’s lewd and unbridled musical world. The track showed a beautiful kind of chaos, pilled with a raw sense of maximalism. The multi-layered atmospherics of this first taster was just that—an opening into their own twisted world.

Raging, rapscallion, patient and furious, these songs are lurid tales urgently told in a warped calamity of sharp indie-rock and dense blues aesthetics. Guitars range from piercing, to bombastic; while the drumming does exceptionally well to control the power. Day And Age and Carry A Gun do a lot with very little. Intelligently winding guitar melodies paired with the interplay of the keyboard does well to embellish on their musical goodness.

Don’t Hold Back is the EP’s most subtle and stunning moment. Distant and daring, this wouldn’t feel out of a place at the tail-end of a Drones albums. From the blistering claustrophobia to the stripped back beauty of Don’t Hold Back, just shows the extreme versatility this band has to offer. Shoutout to that slide guitar, too.

‘Kitchen Sink Drama’ doesn’t show us the way out; it howls along with us as we peer into the maelstrom ahead.

Stream ‘Kitchen Sink Drama’ below.