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PREMIERE: Hear Napoleonic Wars’ Byzantine Math-Rock On ‘Triple D D Dank’

Raging, rapscallion, patient and furious, Napoleonic Wars craft lurid tales urgently told in a warped calamity of sharp math-rock and dense punk aesthetics. AAA Backstage is pleased to premiere the band’s new single, Triple D D Dank, before its release.

Twitchy songwriting underneath an outburst of metal-inspired guitar licks, Napoleonic Wars ratchet up the turbulence through byzantine time signatures, rhythmic hiccups and anti-rock musical notions. They layer whiplash guitars and maddening drumming in-and-out of the bridges. Napoleonic Wars form a paradox of unconventional, jagged math-rock moments with more subdued and logical midsections.

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Triple D D Dank is comfortably their own. The band’s soaring imagination when it comes to forming a unique and eccentric art-rock piece has well and truly peaked. Though, at a time like this, it seems their ideas are endless.

Napoleonic Wars have been humbly invited to join the prestigious Art As Catharsis summer showcase alongside Kodiak Empire, Basil’s Kite and more.

Napoleonic Wars Live Dates

The Bearded Lady, Brisbane

Written by Jake Wilton