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Premiere: Tomorrow’s Forecast Share Romantic Coming-Of-Age Anthem, ‘Room On My Shelf’

Tomorrow’s Forecast is sounding bright and sunny with the new single ‘Room On My Shelf’ delivering some super sweet indie-pop vibes. The up and coming Gold Coast band is made up of Olive, Bonnie and Damo, three talented high-school students creating seriously cool music.

If you’re a fan of Middle Kids, Mallrat, Ivey or San Cisco, then this indie-pop band is right up your alley. After forming at just 14, the group released their debut single ‘ur baby’, amassing over 30k streams. The female-fronted group, now nearing 17, are dedicated to the art of storytelling, exploring topics of adolescent crushes, self-discovery, heartbreak, and the mystery of adulthood. Rooted in their own experience, their lyrics appeal to others in their formative years- but also to those well out of their teens, recalling a welcome feeling of nostalgia.


You know that feeling when someone you’re crushing on walks into a room and your stomach erupts in butterflies? Yeah, this song captures exactly that. Recorded with local producer Dylan Smith out of Waveform Studios, ‘Room On My Shelf’ features dreamy guitars, ethereal chorus arrangements, and honey-sweet vocals.

Created with the all-too-relatable feeling of yearning in mind, this bittersweet single explores the way you can get completely lost in your emotions. Bandmember Bonnie gave us some insight, saying “It is loosely based on my own experience with immature teenage crushes and how crazy they can drive you.”

Have a listen to the single now and stay tuned for more from these kids- we have a good feeling that Tomorrow’s Forecast is looking real bright!

Written by Alice Powell