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Prophets Of Rage’s Debut Single Is Quite The Release

Prophets of Rage

Angry about stuff? Need an outlet? Look no further – Prophets of Rage have got your back with their debut self-titled single, a homage to classic rap-metal! Prophets of Rage is made up of Rage Against The Machine’s bassist Tim Commerford, drummer Brad Wilk, and guitarist Tom Morello along with Public Enemy’s DJ Lord and emcee Chuck D, and Cypress Hill emcee B-Real.

The boys joined forces this year in response to the controversial election campaigns taking place in the US, adopting the viral hashtags #makeamericarageagain and #takethepowerback. They even planned a guerrilla gig at the Republican National Convention in Ohio recently – talk about in your face!

Morello said Prophets of Rage is best described as an “elite task force of revolutionary musicians determined to confront this mountain of election year bullsh*t”. Prophets of Rage is a tight mix of the three groups’ original sounds, the band calling it a reimagination of Public Enemy’s song by the same name.

The song starts with a steady build up of drums and a classic rap-war siren before launching into a punky riff that radiates rap-metal vibes. Filled with bass slapping, guitar thrashing, and drum hammering, the song feels rebellious as hell.

The verses feature impressive drum beats layered under old-school rap lines, keeping the song energetic the whole way through. The politically charged lyrics embody everything the 6-piece stand for – “They tell lies in the books that you’re readin’ / It’s knowledge of yourself that you’re needin’”.

The choruses will have you jumping in time with their full-throttle drum rhythms and chants of “Clear the way!” Prophets of Rage ends with a bang as noisy guitars blast through the air, and drums are hit so hard you think their skin is gonna snap. Everything comes together as a true political statement – it’s loud and rebellious, but still refined.

Prophets of Rage are currently touring the US on very important pre-election business, but we’ll keep you posted if they announce Aussie dates. Keep an eye out for their upcoming EP – dates to be confirmed!

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