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Sydney-based indie outfit CREO have been making some solid waves in recent times. A sultry new single, Plasticine Mezzanine, and the release of their sophomore EP, ‘In The Red’, due Friday 26 October, means it’s all news for the group. We had a chat about tour life and what to expect in the coming months.

I heard you guys played 42 shows last year, including Falls Festival? That’s insane! How are you holding up and how did you push yourselves to that level?

I’m glad you did the math, because it was a blur on our end. It was a big year for getting on the road, and we pride ourselves on being a live band, first and foremost, so it was a non-issue to get up for them all. At times, it was draining on our energy levels, but we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love it, so all in all it was a blast. We kicked some incredible goals, met some incredible people, and made lasting memories in the process; Falls Festival was the cherry on top of an extremely busy year.

You also supported a lot of great artists last year. How was it playing alongside acts like Nothing But Thieves, Polish Club and British India?

Amazing. It was a huge learning experience, and just kept the flame burning to improve and get to that level. It was nice to play to a few bigger rooms and new faces. NBT in particular were insane, and the loveliest of dudes to hang out with.

Sounds like the live show will be ready to blow some minds. Have you been road testing songs from the EP? What can fans expect from the new live show?

We’ve been in the studio getting it all together so we’re looking forward to ridding the cabin fever and getting back on the road. As always the set is loud, full of energy and passion, but I think we have an added element of maturity in these new songs and feel a bit more comfortable in our skins, which I dare say will be portrayed in the live set.

Plasticine Mezzanine is a driving thunderstorm of passion. What was the influence behind the song’s instrumentation and lyrics?

We’ve toured a bunch over the years and travelled the country numerous times playing shows. We’ve been lucky enough to meet some amazing people on the way and unfortunately, we’ve also had the unfortunate experience of being acquainted with some sociopaths. This song is our take on the mind of the latter. It’s been written in first person, fuck, who knows, maybe we are arse holes in denial? Carlos (guitar) wrote the riff, brought it to us and it all came together fairly quickly.

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Subtitles for X, Y, Z’ was a slow building orchestra of atmosphere. What aspects have you taken from it and what have you tried to expand and evolve on in your sophomore EP?

The whole creative process for this record was completely different. We scrapped doing things by jamming in a room, and took a more clinical approach by setting up a home studio and demoing ideas on the spot. So in turn, writing sessions were more collaborative and productive. We set up common goals in terms of what we wanted to achieve, and the type of record we wanted to make and worked away at achieving that. It sped the whole process up and to be honest, the change breathed new life in to the band. We knew we wanted to keep the anthemic and textural elements but we also wanted to have a more groove conscious rhythm section that didn’t lose momentum or energy. We’re stoked with how it all turned out.

I read that you guys recently signed to Melbourne-based management company Bears Parts Music. How important is it to have a great team around you?

It’s a breath of fresh air! It’s always nice to have people in your corner fighting with you because they believe in you. Roy is an absolute champ and we can’t wait to kick goals with him and the crew over at BPM!

CREO will be on tour this November. Scope those dates below.

CREO Live Dates

The Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne
Brighton Up Bar, Sydney
Bloodhound Bar, Brisbane

Written by Chris Lamaro