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Q & A: Rich Latimer

Rich Latimer

Rich Latimer is a self-described ‘heartist’. His music is beautiful, cathartic and overcome with personal resonance. Sweet September is written about the final words his Grandmother spoke. We spoke to the artist about that moment and how it translated into a song.

Did you find writing Sweet September a cathartic experience? Or was it difficult to express how you were truly feeling?

It was totally cathartic having watched the passing of my Grandmother and her last words forming part of the lyrics the song became a mantra of peace from beyond for me.

Do you hope people find their own meaning in Sweet September?

Of course, especially the video clip! I truly hope they find what they need to find to never feel alone…

Grief can also be a bonding moment between humans. Have you found yourself connecting more with those around because of this song—whether it’s your friends, family or fans?

Yes, at a personal level the song allowed family members to feel deeply connected… But in a public performance setting, expecially when I play it to 800+ teenagers at a high school and I see the groups who have been through these things chatting or coming to me afterwards…

Is music the easiest way of expressing your most personal emotions?

Yes, it has done that for me since forever and I notice that across all major tribal groups in the world.

I personally had to stop the song halfway through before going back to finish it as I found it really affecting. How will you go playing this live?

That’s beautiful! Possibly you have been touched by grief and not shutdown fully or even a deeper sense of loneliness is there for you and this songs vinrates those up in the subconscious… Playing live, I read the audience, especially if it’s teenagers in a high school and I turn the emotional resonate dial up to where I feel suits.

What are some other themes you explore on Dreamer?

Well, Uplift is about braking negative thinking patterns through positive projection…. and then there are a whole heap of themes that ultimately link back to gaining awareness around many aspects of being human and offering some perspectives on how to navigate this little Odessa called life (well, on Earth at least).

You’ve described yourself as a ‘heartist’. Could you elaborate on that?

My manager in Brazil called me that and told me that when I sing it opens peoples hearts. So I was like, okay thats cool, lets go with that!

Written by Jake Wilton