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Get Your Mid-Week Rock Fix With Borneo’s “Hold Me In The River”


There’s a new breed of funky rock band out and about! Borneo, a Sydney 5-piece born from a collision of genres, have released their energetic second single Hold Me In The River.

The fresh track is the second cut from the band’s debut EP, which, despite being currently unnamed, is set to be dropped in March next year. Hold Me In The River has been an electrifying staple of the band’s live set list for quite sometime now, but for the first time in recorded form the track will be electrifying earphones too.

Sonically synonymous with Tina Turner’s famed Rolling On The River, the track feels like her ‘70s smash-hit clashed with a whole bunch electric guitars and classic Aussie rock. As the band’s bassist Nick Colbey explains, “The song is a tale of left and right and the influence our parents have on us with our core beliefs.” It seems their parent’s music taste rubbed off too…

Hold Me In The River boasts vocals that certainly wouldn’t be misplaced back in the ‘80s, with matching electrics to open the feisty track, and continue to transfix a listener throughout. The flashing, crashing new track displays similar pre-21st century influences to their debut track Eating Animals, which showed us a cruisey side to the band. However, this time they’ve replaced the super deep bass and all-together-now choruses with squeaking vocals and echoing electric chords.

You’ll be hard-pressed to stop yourself from grooving just by listening to it, so get your fix below!

We did a Q&A with Borneo about Christmas Miracles just recently too, so be sure to get to know them HERE!

Borneo Live Dates

GD FRNDS present: A Christmas Miracle @ Miami Shark Bar, Gold Coast
A Very Cherry Christmas @ Captain Cook Hotel, Sydney