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Ryan Valentine Is A World Traveller With A Story To Tell On ‘Under A Spell’

Ryan Valentine has crafted his virtuosic rock on the road. He’s a traveller and taking a couple of cues from his beatnik brothers of the past, Valentine has some unbelievable stories to tell. Under A Spell is just one of them.

Still young himself, Valentine has been between London, California and Australia to record a slew of EPs and albums. Needless to say his music carries weight and plenty of weary emotion. Under A Spell is certainly no different—it’s a plodding and methodical pop-rock track that harnesses Valentine’s road-worn harmonies and sweltered rock aesthetics.

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Under A Spell is ragged and hung out to dry. You can feel Valentine’s passion underneath his lyrics and what he’s been through to get here. Storytellers like Valentine are unique, to say the least, and using this format to express his union of pop and rock is something of a lost art these days. Valentine keeps it more than alive.

Stream Under A Spell below.

Written by Jake Wilton