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Sametime Highlight Their Top 5 ‘Golden’ Moments

In honour of their new bright-eyed pop-banger ‘Golden’, QLD sibling duo Sametime have highlighted some golden moments in their career so far.

Brothers Tim and Sam Aitken have ushered in many exciting new eras over the last decade of creating music together but have always stayed true to the basis of it all – youthful, spirited songwriting. The sonic lovechild of The Jungle Giants and Parcels, the duo from the Sunshine Coast manipulate elements of disco and crisp indie-pop into deliciously fizzy soundscapes pulsating with energetic beats and electronic charm.

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The boys worked with Sydney songwriter, producer and long-term collaborator Glades (Nicole Millar, Thomston, Baynk) over Zoom to write ‘Golden’ from their hometown. With additional help from songwriter Ned Houston and mastering by APRA Award winner Paul Blakey (Amy Shark) at 12th & Vine Post here on the Gold Coast, the track made it to its final form.

The infectious new single explores a new side of their artistry, they explain: “The theme for the song was sex. It was an area we hadn’t explored musically and with our music growing and maturing as we are, it felt like the best next step…. plus, sex is fun. We wanted the song to be about somebody who has an insatiable appetite and is ‘Golden’, the best of the best. We drew from personal experiences and put them on steroids to make it more interesting, something we do a fair bit when writing. It’s about somebody that knows exactly what they want and isn’t afraid to get it. It’s from the perspective of someone that loves that energy and wants to do everything they can to facilitate it.”

Sametime have put together their top 5 golden highlights, find them below.

1: Suncorp Stadium

We had the incredible opportunity to play halftime at Suncorp Stadium in front of 22,000 rugby fans who had no idea who we were. It was insane to look at and see so many people surrounding us but it wouldn’t be a SAMETIME gig if something didn’t go wrong. Everything is timed and there is no room for error because it’s on TV and there’s obviously a rugby game that needs to continue. Of course when the stage was wheeled out to the middle of the field some of our gear was unplugged and we had to wing it. It was a bad day to wear white pants but overall still an amazing experience worthy of a top 5 spot. 

2: 1,2,3 JUMP!

This was the first time we saw a room full of people completely into what we were doing. We’re playing ‘Get To Know Ya’ when Sam told everyone to get down and on the count of 3 to start jumping. He did this at first as a joke thinking no one would actually do it, we looked up and the whole room was down on the ground ready to jump and when they did, the energy was electric. It gave us a huge boost of confidence knowing that people have a good time at our live shows and it’s now something we do every time we play live.

3: Starting Duckfeet Records

We got the name for Duckfeet Records due to Tim’s literal duck feet. We first started the label to release our own music independently and to eventually sign up and coming artists too. Our goal for the record label is for it to become a place artists can come and develop their craft, we want to have a roster full of killer artists. We made our first signing this year, a trans industrial electro punk act Sellma Soul, she’s freaking awesome and you’ll be hearing a lot from her. The label is something we continue to be excited and energised for. 

4: Being signed to Sony Publishing

Around 2016 we were fully into writing our own music which back then were mainly big power ballads. We had someone who was kind of acting like a manager for us who said our songs weren’t good enough and that we needed to source songs from Nashville. We told old mate to hit the road and around the same time we met Dicko who instantly believed in our original music. He showed the team at Sony Publishing and 2 weeks later we were some of the youngest songwriters signed to a publishing deal. 

5: The Golden Tour

Going on tour is something we’ve always wanted to do. We set a goal at the start of 2020 that we wanted to be the best live act in the country and then of course the ol rona virus stopped us from playing live. Now that we can finally travel interstate, we’re taking every opportunity to play our music to people who have never heard of us. The Golden Tour is our first step to becoming the best live band in Australia, it’s our time to take over. 


Listen to ‘Golden’ now & find their remaining tour dates below!

Written by Alice Powell