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Sarah Yagki Reveals 5 Songs That Influenced Her Latest Single ‘Wanted More’

Australian artist Sarah Yagki highlighted the top 5 songs that influenced the creation of her catchy new song ‘Wanted More’.

The Sydney based singer-songwriter is quickly making a name for herself thanks to her natural talent for pop songwriting, rich ballad style vocals and penchant for R&B infused arrangements. To create her first track of 2022, ‘Wanted More’, Sarah reconnected with frequent collaborators James Guido and Klaus Hill, recording the track at Obseen Recordings in St. Leonards, NSW.

She explains: “This song is about the fear of repeating toxic habits in a relationship, both from the new partner and yourself. It explores the uncertainty of diving into a new relationship, whilst past trauma, experiences and fears still linger.”



Sarah’s 5 Most Influential Songs For ‘Wanted More’

Conan Gray – People Watching

This was my first reference track for Wanted More, and this was due to the beautiful slow and precise build up that happens into the first chorus. I wanted to create for this song that tension and release from the first half to the second half, and let it constantly grow throughout the track.

Stay – Kid Laroi & Justin Bieber 

Stay is a song that I have been absolutely obsessed with since it’s come out, and I was inspired by the drums and rhythm section of this track within my own song.

Before I Go – Mimi Webb 

The string sounds towards the end of this track was my reference to that full rich sound I wanted in the strings that I put into my track.

Last Night – Graace 

This track inspired the lyrical construction and output that I created in my story. The emotion, delivery and intent of the lyrics definitely complete a Wanted More soundtrack. 


Slower – Tate McRae 

The build up, release and tension throughout the track would complete this soundtrack. The chorus has lyrical intent that matches Wanted More and is a great song by a pop artist that is regularly an inspiration for my tracks. 


Listen to ‘Wanted More’ out now!

Written by Alice Powell