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Seattle Fix Soak In The Sunlight On ‘From Where I’d Rather Be’

Seattle Fix continue to ride the high of their sophomore EP, ‘Teddy Bear’, with a gorgeous video release of standalone single, Where I’d Rather Be. Considered as the EP’s opus track, the duo transfix and slide over their breezy, boisterous indie-pop.

Believe it or not, this is Seattle Fix’s first video release. Filmed and directed by Miki Simankevicius, the video is a vapid, incredibly shot piece which reflects on the track’s themes of escapism. Its footage mostly makes up of the duo performing the song—giving light to their bouncy live show that’s been highly praised around Melbourne. Almost appearing in slow-motion, contrary to the track’s faster pace, the video is an important document in Seattle Fix’s short, but budding career.

In our recent review, we stated that, “The faster pace of Where I’d Rather Be is a well executed turn of phrase for Seattle Fix. Sitting right in the middle of the EP, the duo flex their pop strengths on this track and with the continued force of their strong reverb, they enforce a super catchy hook.”

The song portrays moments of the mundane and looking toward something of hope and desire. Described by singer/guitarist, Olivia Puchalski:

“[Where I’d Rather Be is] about escape, about wanting to get away to a better, happier place where you can be yourself… I always see it as the perfect song for driving through the sunshine, through beautiful sunny landscapes…”

What may be their final show of the year, Seattle Fix will be performing at Melbourne’s the Penny Black with Outside the Academy and a few more special guests in mid-December. Scope the show details below along with the video for Where I’d Rather Be.

Seattle Fix Live Dates

The Penny Black, Melbourne

Written by Jake Wilton