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Second Prize Defy Norms With New Single ‘Waiting For A Spark’

Waiting For A Spark is Second Prize’s key piece to their forthcoming new album, ‘The Heel Turn’. Releasing later this month, the single’s meaning conveys a weighty message that defies typical norms.

Beneath their hardboiled message lies a patient and collected indie-rock track. The loud-quiet-loud formula is well and truly in play, but goes against the grain. Launching with a chorus, the song’s meat and bones comes in a whirring synth and guitar line that compliment each other so well. Not to mention the grounded drumming techniques at play.

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Second Prize’s new album, ‘The Heel Turn’, is released on Friday 22 March. The album touches on the increasing drift to male toxic behaviours in our modern society. As the album’s title suggests, referencing the wrestling move of the same name, the good become bad and Second Prize have communicated that in an intellectual and meaningful way.

Second Prize aren’t the only Australian act who is calling people out on their bullshit. Just last week, Stella Donnelly released her opus, debut album, ‘Beware of the Dogs’, which touches on male toxicity and its power on the entertainment and music industry.

Stream Waiting For A Spark below.

Second Prize Live Dates

The Workers Club, Melbourne

Written by Jake Wilton