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The Mysterious Seekay Launches With ‘Hurts’

Little is known about Seekay. One thing is for sure, though, the mysterious and enigmatic producer makes some incredibly silky and breezy electronic music. Hurts is the artist’s first commercially released single and sets the project off in a new light.

Hurts doesn’t rush. Seekay takes things in slow motion, gently placing each of the track’s into place in a mathematical and calculated way. There’s nothing imprecise about Seekay’s production—it’s crisp and clinical. The percussion leads to the airy mood of the track, peering in and out when Seekay’s vocals begin to intensify. The subtle touches to the production is very welcomed, giving Hurts so much needed volume.

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Though the person behind Seekay is nameless and faceless, that doesn’t stop the music being any less powerful. In fact, Seekay’s goal with the project is to remove any personality and human expression so that the music does all the talking. It’s an interesting concept and one that already pays off on the debut single.

Hurts explores relationships and asks why does love morph from pleasure to pain and betrayal and what are our roles in that process.

Stream Hurts below.

Written by Jake Wilton