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Sienna Skies Release Heavy New Single “Where Mountain Meets Man”

Sydney post-hardcore quintet Sienna Skies have released the second single from their upcoming album ‘A Darker Shade of Truth’, which is slated to be released on Friday 2 December via InVogue Records.

The bands latest offering is blistering new single Where Mountain Meets Man. This decidedly heavier new track shows a new side to the band, that was only touched on by ‘A Darker Shade of Truth’s’ lead single DividedWhile still maintaining the post-hardcore sound that lies at the heart of Sienna Skies’ work, Where Mountain Meets Man shows yet another side to a band with an already diverse sound.

Leaping out of the gates from the start, the guitars on Where Mountain Meets Man hit the listener at full speed, setting the pace for the rest of the track. Perfectly paired with the guitars are the fantastically delivered heavy vocals, showing Sienna Skies are as comfortable with heavier, more metalcore oriented material as they are with the more post-hardcore swayed sound they’re known for.

The contrast between verses and choruses in Where Mountain Meets Man is a standout of the track; the blisteringly heavy and fast choruses are nicely juxtaposed with the slower and melodic verse sections. This cohesive mix of frantic intensity, addictive melody, and controlled aggression provides a fantastic dynamic to the song, showing yet again why Sienna Skies are one of Australia’s pre-eminent post-hardcore acts.

The song’s lyrical inspiration stemmed from vocalist Thomas Miruzzi’s time living in a mountain town just outside of Vancouver in Canada, where the phrase ‘where mountain meets man’ was tossed around frequently.

“Seeing a major metropolitan area so close to such a rugged mountain range is truly something else. After returning home to Sydney, I noticed a sudden unexpected urban sprawl. The idea of industry suddenly taking over the rolling hills of Western Sydney that I grew up in breaks my heart,” Miruzzi reminisced.

With ‘A Darker Shade of Truth’ dropping in just over a week, Sienna Skies are no doubt champing at the bit for the world to hear the album they’ve spent a year writing, which is sure to cement their place as one of Australia’s leading heavy exports.