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SOHN’s Not Looking Back In Fresh Single “Conrad”, Announces New Album


English synth-pop enigma SOHN, the moniker of Christopher Taylor, has confirmed the release date of his sophomore album with his latest brooding single Conrad.

Trading his base in Vienna, Austria for the warmth of Los Angeles, SOHN has been pretty busy since the release of his highly acclaimed debut album ‘Tremors’ just over two years ago. His hand in producing Banks’ new album ‘The Altar’ is clearly evident, for example the synthesiser arpeggio in Gemini Feed sounds A LOT like Lights on ‘Tremors’, and between overseas tours it seems SOHN’s added a bit of pep to his melancholic synth-pop sound.

Following on from the upcoming album’s lead single Signal, Conrad features a marching beat smothered with thick synthesisers and SOHN’s signature layered airy vocals. Apparently SOHN used a variety of empty glass bottles, kitchen utensils, walls, and floors for percussion on the new politically charged track, which is pretty darn cool!

While ‘Tremors’ seemed to revolve around SOHN’s dreamy voice and brooding synth-driven soundscapes, the two singles from the new album suggest SOHN’s been crafting fuller, more immersive electronic soundscapes.

Conrad is one of SOHN’s most straightforward tracks and features his catchiest chorus to date (you’ll be humming “I can feel it coming/We can never go back” all day!), so if you’re not yet a fan this track’s your best initiation into the Englishman’s brooding synth-pop world.

SOHN’s sophomore album ‘Rennen’, a German verb meaning “to run”, is set for release on Friday the 13th of January. Check out the lead singles from the upcoming album, Conrad and Signal, below!